Hi, I'm Mark

Research and development

Machine vision applications in agriculture. Autonomous tractors and seed detection.

Statistical time study in facilities for processing automation.

Research and development toward cargo encapsulation and delivery for drugs, tissue engineering, material platforms for light matter interactions, and sensing.

Performed spectral data acquisition and analysis on photoluminescent and magnetic materials. Observed surface morphology of self-organized nanoparticles in liquid crystal under optical and electron microscopy.

Project resulted in two in Nature Scientific Reports and Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Inorganic & organic chemical synthesis with explorations in computer science, embedded systems programming, and mathematics.


Perform data wrangling and analysis, content writing, copywriting, technical writing services and virtual assistance.

Traditional Education

Materials science engineer with micro-skills in data analytics. Delved in the topics of materials science, computer science (software development and analytics), chemistry and physics (electronics) and the nano world. Dug deeper into the nano world in Merced, California where I joined the materials and biomaterials science and engineering graduate program school at UC Merced.

In Merced, I focused on self assembly methods utilizing liquid crystals to assemble nanoparticles into micro-sized clusters that are shell-like in structure. My research career has involved working in 4 major projects related to materials:

  • self-assembly
  • photovoltaics (computational)
  • organic crystals
  • robotics

Tools, skills and methods

Acquired a bunch of skills:

  • Research and Writing
  • Computational modeling
  • Automated data acquisition
  • Programming: C++, Python, AutoIt
  • Quantitative and data analytics
  • Developing & implementing experimental protocols